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Volume 1

Grand Raid Reunion Island

100 miles : La Diagonale des fous

Emile is passionate about Trail Running, he participates for the first time in the “ Grand Raid Reunion Island.”In the company of his friends, he is about to travel 100miles/166km on the steep trails of the island and to face 9500 meters / 32.500 ft of cumulative elevation gain.An extraordinary challenge!Discover or relive this extreme race by immersing yourself in the heart of the event. Join Emile in his discoveries, his doubts and his efforts to overcome his own limits.Here is an unforgettable sporting adventure through…

Volume 2

Le Tour du Mont-Blanc

Training for the UTMB race (trek version)

The Tour du Mont-Blanc is a long-distance hiking trail that encircles the Mont-Blanc massif over a distance of approximately 100 miles (165 km) with 10,000 m of cumulative elevation gain across 3 countries: Switzerland, Italy and France. Walkers generally take 7 to 10 days to complete the tour. Elite runners average around 20 hours in competition. The characters in our comic strip plan 4 days of running training.

After crossing Reunion Island, Emile, Lucie, Patrick and Mia decided to try out the Tour du Mont-Blanc, a magnificent trail traveled each year by 25,000 people from all over the world. hiking or in conditions close to an Ultra Trail, this intense physical test allows you to admire the landscapes of the Friendship Triangle: a mythical summit, three countries, 10,000 meters of cumulative positive altitude difference and 170 km of happiness. Take take a deep breath and join these four friends…