The comic book « La Diagonale des fous » is available in French or English.
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French title = La Diagonale des fous
English title = Grand Raid Reunion Island

The comic book « Le Tour du Mont-Blanc » is also available in French or English.

French title = English title = Le Tour du Mont-Blanc

ULTRA BD : who we are

The « UltraBD » project is a Comic Strip launched at the end of 2017 thanks to the crowdfunding of trail runners, friends and anonymous people who support artistic creation. The theme of the first album « Grand Raid Reunion Island / La diagonale des fous »: “Grand Raid Reunion Island” is a legendary running race, which consists of crossing the island from south to north (100 miles) in less than 66 hours. The author participated 3 times in this adventure to image this great sporting event and share it with you. The scenario being embellished with the sublime landscapes of Reunion, this comic strip is aimed at a very large audience: whether you are a runner, a volunteer, a runner’s spouse, a friend or an amateur of challenges and nature , you can live or relive the course through 4 main characters in search of the ultimate reward … the yellow finisher T-shirt marked « I survived ».   Structure: Administratively, UltraBD is a microenterprise specifically created to produce, edit and distribute the album. There is no commercial objective in itself even if we hope to sell enough albums to enter our costs … If we exceed the objectives, the profits will be used to produce a second volume.     Readers’ comments: « A thousand congratulations to you 3, I had chills in certain passages so I was there. Everything is perfect, we are there from Saint Pierre to La Redoute. The texts, drawings, colors, anecdotes are top You are going to be successful, it is deserved and I am proud to have participated in this beautiful project !!  » Jean Yves   « I received my comic book yesterday and I devoured it in one go … It is simply sublime in every way! The drawings, the landscapes, the colors, the dialogues, the realism … I was simply back in my race. Bravo to you 3! I look forward to the next …  » Sebastian   « You brought me to tears when I read. More than once I thought I was in the running. Thanks again to all three of you!  » Bruno   « Failing to embark on the ultra trail, it makes you want to go to Reunion » Philippe

The writer

Fabrice Cifré is a 45 year old French independent comic author who participated three times in this extraordinary adventure « Grand Raid Reunion » that leaves no one indifferent. What he likes above all else about these  formats called Ultra-Trails, is the richness of the meetings, the solidarity between runners, the splendid landscapes and the surpassing of oneself to always go a little further to the finishing line. Trail running and comics are for him two passions to which he dedicates his free time and wish  to share this with as many people as possible. After meeting the sketch artist Guillaume Albin, he decided to put this fabulous adventure experienced by about 6,000 runners each year into pictures  

The sketch artist

Self-taught author and designer, Guillaume Albin was born in the year of 1982 from a painter father and a mother tired by childbirth. He quickly showed a certain talent for reading, drawing and writing… to the chagrin of his teachers. After long studies as varied as they were fruitless, he decided to embark on the job of hunger strike which he had dreamed of for so long and, to show that he had no grudge towards the educational system of his country , he married a prof. He publishes as illustrator the covers of the supplements of the role-playing game Brain Soda 2 as well as the screen of the game master. He also takes part in the adventure of the Dungeon of Naheulbeuk as illustrator in Spin-offs (« The Curse de Tirlouit « and » Les minions du Donjon de Naheulbeuk « ), lending his pencil and pen to John Lang’s fantastic-crazy bestiary and the » Ménestrel roadbook « , Naheulband’s audio grimoire, and the » Gurdil Box « ! During this time He publishes in different magazines and newspapers (Magic cauldron, Young witnesses, Sunflower etc.) boards on proposed scenarios. Lately, he took the pencils to work under the leadership of Fabrice Cifré in a universe he does not know at all: the Trail …

The color artist

coloriste cyril vincent

Cyril Vincent has lived in the south of France since 2006, he has collaborated with some of the biggest publishers: Soleil, Delcourt, Jungle, Le Lombard, Dupuis, etc c.

The Scot’ man

Fergus Moran was born 1970 in Scotland. He’s now a kilt runner in Paris and the English translator for this project. He used to run at school to avoid playing rugby and then, after many years away from the sport, was encouraged by colleagues to run at lunctimes and is now enjoying running different races, testing his abilities!  

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December 2022

Signing session at Jouy en Josas (78).

We started the 3rd comic book ! Release expected April 2023

8th of february 2022

We are waiting to know the Covid19 sanitary conditions to offer signing sessions.

1st of  september  2021

Fabrice & Guillaume were present at the end of August in Chamonix to sign the Tour du Mont-Blanc comic book preview before the national release at FNAC & Librairies (mainland France) on September 10, 2021

17 of  July  2021

The comic book  « Le Tour du Mont-Blanc » is already printed.
Since it is summer holidays, orders will be open from the 10th of septembre.

3rd of November 2020 The comic book on « the Tour du Mont-Blanc » is well underway! The designer Guillaume Albin finished the first 10 boards

14th of July 2020 Official launch of works for the second UltraBD trail. Trail 2 will be on « Le tour du Mont-Blanc » The scenario is well advanced, the drawings begin this week. Release scheduled for summer 2021

1st of July 2020 The English version of the book is now available! Printed A4 size and soft cover. Please look at the « shop » paragraph  

19th of mai 2020 The English translation of the book is half done. It will be printed A4 size and soft cover. Available end of June 2020.

October 2019 Guillaume & Fabrice were on the Reunion Island to sign the book.

11 – 13 April 2019 Trail / running meeting in Paris for the Paris’ marathon. Thank you to everyone who came to see us!

10th of April  2019 Let’s go ! The books are ready ! Over 300 albums were sent to contributors who ordered their comics in October 2017 during the crowdfunding campaign!

December 2017 AirFrance becomes a partner of « La diagonale des fous » in comics and offers you 1 plane ticket to Reunion by drawing lots!

12th of November 2017 The crowdfunding campaign launched via Ulule is now over. We have reached 107% of the goal. This comic on La Diagonale des fous will be published thanks to all of you! Thank you for your support, your encouragement and your confidence.



For France, the books are available in all the bookstores as well as shops like Fnac, Cultura and Leclerc cultural centers.

For everywhere else in the world, the books are available (French or English) at the web site :

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Comic Book  « La Diagonale des fous »

French Version : Single price in France Métropole et Réunion:  16,95 €

English Version : 15,95€
A4 size – SOFT COVER



Comic Book  « Le Tour du Mon-Blanc »

French Version : Single price in France Métropole et Réunion:  15,95 €

English Version : 14,95€
A4 size – SOFT COVER



« Ultra BD » T-shirt

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Dedications "handwritten" by the author on trail shows (beware, he can not draw!)

Dedications "graphics" by the sketch artist on some trail shows and comic book festival

"La Diagonale des fous" and "Le Tour du Mont-Blanc" are single episodes.
But if you like the album, it is possible that we will find the characters on other trail adventures ...


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